all Services can be provided in English, German or Italian language

Technical Sales - Bridging Markets and Technologies

Do you want to start or grow your activity in foreign markets?

LiloTec offers advanced capabilities in supporting your technical sales on a professional level to help developing your targeted geographical area.
Our services for you:

  • Agency: acting as sales agency for technically sophisticated products and/or services

  • Formation: preparing technical sales and service employees for the requirements of specific international markets

Digital Makeover - Bridging the Past and the Future

Do you want to boost the impact of your technical sales efforts online?

LiloTec’s unique holistic approach provides the one-stop-shop opportunity to give your company the Digital Makeover it needs to continue its success story under the new circumstances.
Video conferencing and interaction on platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc. are not really a new thing. However, with the recent pandemic and its limitations in travel and personal encounters they have become the new big thing.
LiloTec will help to maximize your impact when presenting, discussing and selling technically sophisticated products or services over digital channels.
Our services for you:

  • Finding the right software tools for your purpose
  • Common platforms or your own encrypted local server
  • Guided employee formation for effective use
  • Fine-tuning your audio-visual appearance with:
    • The right choice of equipment
    • Most effective presenter appearance
    • Custom made branded backgrounds
    • Custom made video clips for technical online presentations (from real life or CAD data)
    • Transforming your new or existing presentation material to amplify the impact on smaller screens


LiloTec Solutions Ltd liab Co was born with the intention of building bridges between different markets, cultures and technologies for small and medium sized enterprises (SME).
Through our founder and CEO Jörn Schütte, LiloTec now harbours more than 20 years of international experience, accumulated during successful technical and commercial activities in the fields of industrial plant engineering, plastics industry, automotive and IT.
LiloTec's clients can now profit from these combined experiences through our unique holistic approach. Our deep insight and know-how allow to provide tailor-made solutions in English, German or Italian for specific company profiles, target markets and objectives.
Through knowing the differences between markets and cultures, LiloTec can build and manage bridgeways between them, in order to provide help on the highest commercial and technical level for existing and future international players.

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